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border collie hanging on a tree branch

Every day we talk and sometimes cry with distressed pet owners.   We feel honored and humbled that you are willing to put your trust in our products.

We aren't a large company, just a small band of folks dedicated to producing toxic-free flea killers and natural remedies for other external pet problems.

We have had positive responses from pet stores and are now carried in over 5,000 shops across the country.   We truly appreciate each store carrying our products and are thrilled to supply them with sample product for you to try.

We also supply them with literature describing what makes our product different (and we believe even better) than others and encourage you to shop at your neighborhood pet store.

Sending Rescue Bags is one of our favorite activities.   These FREE bags have scratched labels but are otherwise fine.   We can't stand the thought of any pet suffering.   If your pets need DE or another of our products call or email to explain the situation and we will endeavor to send you product at no charge from our emergency allowance.

Our crew works many seven day weeks with long hours and sore backs.   But, when we hear from customers telling us how our products have helped their pets, and calls from businesses who share our concerns about some of the treatments being used on pets, it is all worthwhile.

"The purity of a persons heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals."   Anonymous